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the Pinoy Balikbayan

Filipinos living abroad will keep their family at the centre of their lives
and send Balikbayan boxes regularly as their sign of care and respect.

Every Pinoy will know what a Balikbayan is, while not every European will even know what a "Pinoy" is!

For the benefit of our non-Filipino clients, 'Pinoy' is a reference to persons from the Philippines, and the
Balikbayan box is a tradition of respect as well as an actual box [of goodies] that Filipinos living overseas regularly send to their loved ones back home.

The composite words 'balik' and 'bayan' actually mean "return" and "home".  The term 'balikbayan' was coined around 1973 during the Presidency of Ferdinand Marcos to encourage Filipinos to live and work abroad so as to help their relatives (and the economy) back home.  Two boxes were allowed tax-free per person returning home to visit family, and during the 1980s the habit of sending balikbayan boxes regularly to relatives in the Philippines became common practice; as if the Pinoy were returning home in spirit.

Filipinos living abroad are hard workers so they tend to thrive and they always remain loyal to their families, so the "standard" balikbayan box is subject to special [tax-free] concessions on arrival at the Philippines as well as enjoying special shipping costs from many countries.

Balikbayan Boxes (left)

standard dimensions:          
78cm x 68cm x 58cm

packed weight allowed:    
50 kilogrammes

refer below, but please also speak to us for advice

Thanks to Kevin Attard's involvement with the Filipino community in Malta, and having a very good connection with the Consulate of the Philippines in Rome, to whom we provided various forms of assistance, we are able to offer the service of weekly shipments from Malta in collaboration with our Rome correspondents, Sarling Atin srl.

Attard Holdings will provide you the balikbayan box, you pack it and we collect it from your home, prepare outgoing paperwork and ship it in the most cost-effective way.

For assistance, for more information, or to book a shipment, you can on telephone: +356 9959 6213.

What does a Balikbayan Box usually contain?

Usually, it contains items of clothing, including shoes; food such as chocolate but also canned foods; toys and other gifts; as well as perfunes and toiletries.  In other words, the balikbayan box is "napuno ng pagmamahal at pag-iisip" — filled with love and thoughtfulness.

You are taking care of your loved ones back home
so why not let us take care of the rest for you?

Contact us today for more information on how we will help you.

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