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whether your project involves the handling of large or high-value
or if it's a high profile International Event, an we are
the solid backup you need as your cargo logistical support team.

If you can't risk your international Event going wrong, then you need to engage professionals who understand the business. There are no two-ways about it!

We at Attard Holdings are the 'go to' cargo services providers for the top events happening in Malta!   We've provided cargo logistics during two Papal visits to Malta, and on multiple international gigs including the Isle of MTV music festival.

The Film Industry is a similar field where our experience is invaluable. Our committment to professionalism is non-negotiable.

Among the services we provide are international transport, un-/loading operations, customs clearance and, most importantly, a safe and timely delivery to the concert site — all being supervised by our top executives so that we are able to take on-the-spot decisions where minutes can make a difference.

Remember, when you are planning an event that can't afford hickups, be sure to contact us:

Kevin Attard     kevin@attardholdings.com.mt     +356 9949 4622

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description of the photo

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

below is our Special Loads and Projects section

Special Loads

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some cargo may be 'oversized' and requires special handling,
or it may be easily damaged while it cannot easily be packed.
That's when you need us as your professional logistical team.

Passalacqua Spedizioni e Trasporti is a renowned name in international transportation, including the shipment of boats.  You may rest assured that with Attard Holdings taking care of the haulage and unloading at the receiving end, the complete voyage from door to door will be a success.

K Shipping Agency Limited, operating under the banner of the Attard Holdings brand, is regularly contracted by international freight forwarders and carriers to hangle their special loads within Malta.  We operate our own heavy haulage and partner with other heavy-equipment specialists and technical experts to ensure a job well carried out. You are in safe hands.

Click the images below to expand photos and learn more about the operations.

special-utility seacraft jet aircraft engine for Lufthansa live fish delivery

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