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we provide foreign and local services including specialist operations

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Local Deliveries

We operate our own fleet of vehicles to ensure you get a timely pick-up and delivery of your goods — whether you have a parcel, several pallets, or a full load.

Door-to-Door shipping has almost become a necessity, freeing you from the hassles of dealing with several operators, but where your international carriage ends at the docks, or a groupage depot, we are at your services, providing tail-lift trucks, forklifters and, above all, an efficient and courteous service all round.

FIND OUT MORE about our delivery services in the second section of our Storage & Distribution page.

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Customs Clearance

For imports as well as intra-community supplies, whether it involves Customs documents or NSO declarations, we're here to assist you with the paperwork and formalities, besides safely delivering your goods to your door.

Whether you're receiving fresh fruit & vegetables, wine, retail or industrial goods, we're here for you. Perhaps you brought over a vehicle or your personal effects, let us take the load off your mind.

other related services that we provide our clientele by
accessing the dedicated "Customs Clearance" page.

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Storage Facilities

We offer different storage solutions – as warehouse space and on open storage basis – at our private Depot.

Some of our clients deal in project cargo, and our temporary storage solutions include timely distribution or delivery to site or to your clients.

Whatever your storage requirements may be, whether longer- or short-term, speak to us and let's reach a workable solution.

FIND OUT MORE about our
storage solutions by accessing the dedicated page.

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International Shipping and Forwarding

Through our local and overseas network connections, we are able to help you via different means of shipment; from flat-bed trailers, to groupage, full trailer loads, full container shipment as well as small package deliveries.

Balikbayan Box shipments to the Philippines are one of our "small package" specializations.

On a WEEKLY basis we help Filipino people who are living in Malta to send these 'special gift boxes' to their families back home.   We even provide you with the 'balikbayan boxes' and also collect them from your home as part of our COMPLETE SERVICE to the Filipino community.

Remember, we are Freight Agents.  
We are NOT simply middlemen

Thanks to our special connections in Europe, we are able to ship out of Malta every week and combine our boxes with others through our correspondent in Rome so your balikbayan WILL NOT have to wait for a long time until there is enough cargo in Malta. Also, your cost will be standard and affordable.  

FIND OUT MORE about our
balikbayan box complete service by clicking HERE

or simply phone us now on 99 59 62 13   We are here to help you.

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Household & Personal Effects – HPE

Persons relocating to or from Malta, and needing their Personal Effects shipped will find that friendly yet professional assistance in Attard Holdings.

International Moving is as different as people's needs are different.  

Some people prefer to pack (all, or part of) their own goods. Others opt for a professional packer.

Some require a complete house move, while others will only have a few packages to ship.

Some moves require Customs Export or Import formalities, while others are in 'free circulation' within the European Union.

Some relocations are contracted by individuals or families, while other moves are contracted by companies.

Whatever the circumstances, everyone (without exception) needs a service provider that cares for their belongings—whether or not these include furniture, small personal stuff, or even a vehicle.

That's EXACTLY what we do.  Besides shipping your goods, we can provide those particular services that you need, or else the complete service; from door to door; and with maximum care. Remember, we are trusted by professionals whose equipment is sophisticated, sensitive and of high value.  We treat yours just the same.

FIND OUT MORE about our packing and relocation services by going to the HPE Moving page.

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Events & Project Logistics

We are the number one logistics partner for big Events and Projects.  Having provided logistical support for numerous international-scale Music Events, the Film industry, as well as for two Papal visits, we can confidently say we won't let you down either!

So when you are planning an event that cannot afford hiccups, be sure to contact us.

FIND OUT MORE about how we provide logistical support to customer Projects and International Events
by accessing the
dedicated page.

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Boat shipping

Boat shipments via trailer are operations we handle regularly.  Some seacraft may be 'oversized' for a standard trailer so these would need to be transported as a special load.

We also provide customs clearance and boat registration on behalf of our clients.

FIND OUT MORE about our specialisation in boat shipments by trailer through the dedicated page.

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Vintage and Used Car shipping

Car enthusiasts come to us to ship their prized possessions because they need them to be in good hands.  We have been serving such customers for many years, transporting and customs clearing their new, second-hand and vintage cars with great care.

FIND OUT MORE about our car shipments by container or trailer by clicking to the dedicated page.

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Regular Trailer Services

One of the main functions within the Attard Holdings group is the provision of regular trailer services between Malta and Italy, with multiple weekly departures and arrivals covering over 12 major cities from the Italian industrial north. along both coasts and right down to Sicily.  This flexibility allows us to overcome delays as much as possible.

For shipments destined to or coming from Italy, as well as Mainland Europe, please email us via the following links:
    to Malta,   or   from Malta or by separate email, using the required information that's provided via this link.

FIND OUT MORE about our regular trailer services to/from Europe by accessing the dedicated page.

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Agency Support

K Shipping Agency Ltd is another operation within the Attard Holdings Group. Through this feature we are able to provide agent-to-agent support.  Acting as your origin or destination partner in Malta, K Shipping is here to protect your interests.

We offer
  • C.O.D. destination service (subj. to preagreement)
  • collection of your 'original' HBL before release of goods
  • proof of delivery (signed receipt)
  • origin/destination representation
  • Customs Clearance & local Delivery
  • special handling
  • un-/packing operation
  • un-/loading supervision
  • provision of husbandry and/or procurement services,
  • livestock vessel handling
  • bunkering services
  • crew change
  • settlement of third party dues on your behalf
  • transhipment operations
  • acting as receiver upon transfer of consignee for misrouted or abandoned cargo
  • subcontracting of repairs, professional and surveying services
and other services that freight forwarders, ship owners and third party logistics operators may require. We understand your need for security and the kind of support you must have from a foreign counterpart, so we are here to help.

FIND OUT MORE about how we support
forwarding agencies and ship owners
by accessing the dedicated page for "K Shipping Agency".

very important:

It is imperative that any Agency cooperation must be covered by formal written agreement prior to any job execution or even the acceptance of consignments by "K Shipping Agency Limited". Otherwise, we take no responsibility nor accept any liability whatsoever for the goods and/or charges incurred.  

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