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Storage and Distribution can be short-term solutions
with long-term benefits. We provide different options.

We do not speak merely of storage facilities, but rather of storage solutions.   Of course, facilities are an essential part of the service offer, so a brief mention is in order.

Our Ta' Kandja Cargo Complex is equipped with:
  • sheltered un-/loading bays;
  • lifting machinery;
  • secure warehouses;
  • open [yard] storage;
  • delivery vehicles, including curtain-sided trucks
    and others equipped with tail-lift;
  • stopover accommodation for foreign drivers – including shower facilities,
  • vehicle parking,
and all is overseen via our administration/operational offices housed within the same Terminal.

Ta' Kandja Cargo Complex Temporary Storage Solutions to accommodate client's needs

Aside from the usual list of insurance policies, as an additional service to our clients, we also cover liabilities and potential damages related to stored cargo.  Our depot is secured by a solid, electronic gate, and guarded by CCTV cameras.

Some of our clients deal in project cargo, and our temporary storage solutions include timely distribution or delivery to site or to your clients.   This incudes our Event clients, whose hi-tech equipment requires careful handling, and safe storage in the right conditions.

Another important facility we offer is Cold Storage at 3℃ [positive 3 degrees Celcius].

So, whatever your storage requirements may be, whether longer- or short-term, speak to us because together we can reach a workable solution.

We pride ourseslves on how safely your cargo is shipped, handled and stored, but also on how quickly it is released.

So, when you need 'additonal storage space' or when you're handling a Project and you require secure Yard storage, be sure to contact us to discuss your needs and solutions.

Ta' Kandja Cargo Complex a ship's Life Boat transported to our Cargo Complex
different sized refrigerated and tail-lift delivery trucks safe outdoor storage where the goods permit

Contact us today to discuss your Storage needs.

below is our Local Deliveries section

distribution and delivery services

Besides storing your goods, we can also deliver them to your customers on demand.
And, more than that, we are geared for different kinds of haulage operations!

When you entrust us with distribution  we become your "off site" warehouse and delivery team.   You simply email us your delivery request/details and we take care of the rest.  You can be sure of a timely and courteous delivery to your clients or to your project site.  

We also offer Office Space to foreign-registered companies who need to supervise their cargo handling operations at our Depot.

For your own peace of mind, please remember that we are trusted by big names in the Entertainment industry where equipment handling and delivery timing are non-negotiables.

When it comes to local delivery, no load is too large or too small for us.   This is thanks to our flexibility in the kind of vehicles we operate and to our experience in handling different kinds of cargo, including large boats, as well as special projects.

Your goods are in safe hands when you contract Attard Holdings with local delivery.

This is a sizeable 'feature door' that was delivered within Valletta — despite the city's narrow streets and high buildings.

Local Haulage

Fresh produce and perishable goods?   We deliver via 'temperature-controlled' vehicles.
For groupage [LTL/LCL] cargo and smaller pallet-loads, our delivery vehicles are equipped with a 'tail lift' so a simple palletiser is often sufficient.
In case of full trailer loads [FTL] or sizeable part-loads, we'll deliver "on wheels", i.e. directly by overland 'trailer'.  Unloading is optional.  Where the client also requires unloading but does not have an elevated loading bay, we would provide a forklifter at site.
Transportation of oversize cargo under escort.  For us, that is the run of the mill, everyday, easy stuff.  The more complex operations include oversized cargo requiring special arrangements such as route planning, police escort, special handling and/or equipment.

Project cargo often falls in this specialist category and we are no strangers to project logistics.
Personal Effects because not all our transports involve companies.  Private individuals use our services to have their personal and household effects shipped and delivered from door-to-door.  Where a relocation involves a non-EU Member state, our Customs Clearance department will see to the relevant document processing. Whether you may be coming to live in Malta or leaving, it is essential to speak to us before you move; at planning stage.

trailer delivery to Mellieha jet engine special delivery trailer delivery to Castille

For more examples of our delivery and cargo handling operations please visit the Gallery page.

Contact us today to discuss your Delivery needs.

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