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In any week, we offer multiple trailer shipments to and from Malta
thanks to our partnership with Passalacqua Spedizioni + Trasporti

One of the main functions within the Attard Holdings group is the provision of regular trailer services between Malta and Italy, offering multiple weekly departures|arrivals and covering more than 12 major cities—from the Italian industrial north, along both the Tirrenian and Adriatic coasts, and right down to neighbouring Sicily.  This kind of flexibility allows us to overcome delays as much as possible.

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About Passalacqua Malta

The Malta side of our operation owes its origins to what was the first TIR trailer service in Malta way back in the early 1970s.

Kevin Attard, who heads the Malta team, started out in the family business, a company that was at the time the agent for Dutch overland carrier 'Combinatie bv'. On January 1st, 1995, he founded Customs & Freight Agency Ltd., which in 2008 began a cooperation with Passalacqua Trasporti that was to evolve into today's partnership.

Passalacqua in Italy operate 12 other branches all over Italy and Sicily, with Ragusa being the Organization's head office.   The company's founder - Passalacqua Francesco - began operations in 1977, opening new branches in Catania and Palermo by 1986, thereafter branching throughout the Italian peninsula, with Mr. Gianstefano Passalacqua at its helm.

After some 14 years of productive cooperation, Malta and Italy joined forces under the renowned Passalacqua banner so as to provide an even more formidable service to their ever growing client base.

      photo - above, right - Mr.Kevin Attard and Mr.Gianstefano Passalacqua

Rate Requests and Bookings

For shipments destined to, or coming from Italy, as well as Mainland Europe, please email us via the following links:

  Incoming cargo destined   to Malta,   or for

  Outbound cargo departing   from Malta

Otherwise, you may email us your Enquiry providing us the required information as detailed here.

If you are already a regular client, then you would be emailing your Booking to our Planning Desk.

delivery 'on wheels' at Birgu Waterfront — Passalacqua Trailer
different sized refrigerated and tail-lift delivery trucks curtain-sided trailer during unloading

Contact us today to discuss your Freight requirements.

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