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whether you are relocating to Malta or moving out, you will
most certainly want your logistics agent to care for your
possessions as well as we do – and that includes your car

Persons who are moving their residence to Malta as well as those leaving the Island will almost certainly need to have their personal belongings shipped.   That is an area in which we can help you because at Attard Holdings we understand that when shipping Personal and Household Effects ...

different people will have different needs.

For instance, some people prefer to pack ALL their personal stuff themselves while some will only pack selected items, leaving the rest to the professional packer.   Then there are those who prefer to leave everything in professional hands – if only for insurance purposes.

Some moves are rather simple, with their shipment involving a few cartons on pallets.   Other people require a complete house move.   Certain goods go by Air, some in Containers, and a lot of what we do goes by overland trailers.

Depending on where you’re coming from or headed for, some moves will require
Customs formalities, while others will be in 'free circulation' because they're within the European Union.

Whatever your circumstances, we are here to guide and help you.  

Everyone (without exception) needs a service provider that cares for their belongings—whether or not these include furniture, books, fragile home decorations, or even a vehicle.

We will guide you regarding the process and the paperwork too.   That's what we’re here for.  

Besides shipping your goods, we can also provide you with the selected ancillary services that you require. But of course, we can always provide the complete service;  from door to door;  and always with the maximum care.

It serves to remember that we are trusted by professionals organizing international events, whose equipment is sophisticated, sensitive and of very high value. Rest assured, we treat your possessions in just the same way.

So why not
contact us today to discuss your needs.

Kevin Attard     kevin@attardholdings.com.mt     +356 9949 4622

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