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Ship's Crew Member is given Emergency Assistance
How it all started

      Ship's crew member is given emergency assistance


Monday, 31st October, 2022
Time: around 5:00 PM
Location: outside Malta's territorial waters,
between Lampedusa and Libya
Event details: The owner of the fishing vessel MFV "Agrios"
sailing under the Portuguese flag, informed K Shipping Agency about a serious on-board accident they had just suffered involving a crew member.

the MFV   the MFV
      the MFV "Agriao" (left) entering Malta port and (right) berthed at the Grand Harbour       click photos

Owing to the particular circumstances and regulations, conventional methods for the safe retrieval of the injured seaman were not feasible. The best conceivable solution was for K Shipping to request the ship's captain to proceed immediately to Malta, being the safest and most practical berth for such an emergency.

Meanwhile, Kevin Attard (K Shipping Agency Ltd) obtained proper instructions from St.James' Hospital on how to handle this situation to mitigate loss of blood and avoid greater consequences.

An urgent surgical intervention was scheduled.

Ambulance attending to the injured crewman from the MFV 'Agriao'
            Ambulance attending to the injured crewman from the MFV "Agriao" click photo

The vessel made port at Malta's Grand Harbour early morning on Tuesday, at 3AM, a couple of hours earlier than anticipated, and the patient was rushed to hospital where he was immediately operated on.

Despite these extremely unfortunate and difficult circumstances, the outcome was the best that could be secured thanks to the level-headedness and immediate action of all concerned.


      How it all started

Liesse Hill, at the eastern periphery of Valletta, lies outside City's bastions and immediately beyond the 19th century Victoria Gate. Here, bustling trade has been the order of the day for centuries, long before the British colonial years.

Liesse Hill in 1884
    Ta' Liesse Hill during Victorian times; 1884       click image to enlarge

In fact, as far back as 1664, visiting Dutch artist Willem Shellinks recorded the locale's activity in his work known as The Old Fish Market.  Here too, is where the Customs House is situated and where many emigrants bid farewell to their homeland to make a new life in Australia and the United States.

The Old Fish Market (1664)  
Liesse Hill and The Old Fish Market (1664); Malta's Grand Harbour

In this same spot, Kevin Attard first set up office in 1995 following in his father's footsteps in the logistics field.

From this location at 23, Liesse Hill, only metres away from Customs Head Office and at walking distance from major government entities, Customs & Freight Agency would commence its activities at a time – before Malta's entry into the EU – when all imports and exports required Customs Clearance.

Taking advantage of his growing clientele, Kevin began expanding his services and prides himself to be (still) servicing a good number of those early clients many years later.

The original office at 23, Liesse Hill, Valletta   —   Grand Harbour

Following Malta's accession to the European Union, when the proximity to Customs was no longer important, and due to a broader activity besides an increase personnel, the 25 metre premises became insufficient so the team moved to bigger premises in Qormi. From this new location, being more central, the Aircargo Terminal, the Malta Freeport and the Hal Far Groupage Bond Complex were easier to reach. Further expansion saw the company moving to Ta' Kandja Cargo Complex, where the offices, warehouses and related facilities are more in line with the way the business evolved.

Still, one can't help reminisce about the little office in Ta' Liesse Hill in the old capital, from where the journey began.


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