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We provide assistance to vessels calling at Malta, including
support services related to supplies, crew and cargo

'K Shipping' is the shipping agency and special operations arm of Attard Holdings.  Naturally, our expertise in related fields such as
Customs Clearance and Deliveries, as well as our regular trailer services between Malta and Italy come into play to complement our service offering.

The modest size of our organization ensures that ship owners and other foreign service providers will get optimal service each time — with the direct involvement of our experienced managers assisted by our highly dedicated staff.

For more information
, please contact us here, or by calling Kevin Attard directly on +356 9949 4622.

Agency Services

All services contracted to K Shipping Agency Ltd must be formally agreed in writing prior to any execution at Malta.  Failure to follow this rule may result in 'non delivery', or to your cargo not being claimed, so please ensure proper procedures are followed.  

Our services include:

  • logistic support to the Film Industry
    We offer storage facilities, production support and any logistics requirements for 'on location' shooting in Malta, including vessel charter where required.

  • provision of husbandry and/or procurement services,
    K Shipping Agency Ltd acts as your port agent, attending to your vessel's standard formalities and provisions.

  • urgent deliveries of ship spares and ship's provisions
    Besides our regular Passalacqua trailer services, we also collaborate with the likes of HZ Transport BV, specializing in the express delivery of dry, chilled and frozen food provisions as well as urgent spare parts.

    HZ Transport unit (left) heading for the shipyard with provisions, and (right) Passalacqua trailer unloading at Palumbo Ship Yard

  • bunkering services
    Whether your vessels require regular fuel supply at Malta or even if it's for a single voyage, speak to us.

  • crew change
    This includes meeting, transfer and clearance of incoming crew, as well as assistance to crew members being relieved.  Where required, we may also provide lodging, flights and other assistance per shipowner's written instructions.

  • C.O.D. destination service
    "Cash On Delivery" is provided subject to carriers' transp. documentation (of title) being consigned to us and to full and clear instructions being made available to us prior to shipment.  We transfer the amount collected from consignee once funds are cleared and our fee shall be deducted from the gross amount collected unless different arrangements are made.  Bank charges will be for your account.

  • collection of your 'original' HBL for the release of goods
    For your peace of mind, you may consign a shipment to us [precise BL details will be provided by us] and issue your House documentation on a third party, from whom we shall collect the original House BL, or similar document, before releasing the goods for delivery.

  • proof of delivery (signed receipt)
    As part of our service when representing foreign agents, K Shipping Agency will provide signed receipts as proof of delivery.

  • customs clearance & local delivery
    Ship's Spares, urgent provisions and other cargo is regularly handled by our customs clearance division, whether arriving by sea, road or air. We are also available to ship out similar goods on your behalf. Procedures and conditions apply.

  • special handling
    From heavy machinery to oversized cargo requiring inland transport and craneage, special permits and expertise, we are here to help you.

  • un-/packing operation
    We offer packing, casing and shipping of industrial goods, as well as personal and household effects. Similarly, we provide destination services for your consignments or those of your clients.

  • livestock vessel handling
    Among other ship agency services, we are available to provide agency services even for special purpose vessels, including livestock vessels.

  • settlement of third party dues on your behalf
    As your destination agents, we'll settle port/terminal charges, carriers' dues and even customs duties on your behalf.

  • transhipment operations
    Whether this involves multimodal means, or maybe it's because you/your client requires re-packing during transit, subject to applicable procedures and regulations for freezone handling, we are here to assist you.

  • acting as receiver upon transfer of consignee for misrouted or abandoned cargo
    On those rare, but ugly occasions where cargo is either unclaimed or being withdrawn from being consigned to the intended consignee, we can save the day and avoid excessive expenses arising from 'abandonment'. Prearrangement needs to be formalised.

  • subcontracting of repairs, professional and surveying services
    Trailer or Container repairs, including reefer motors, equipment surveys and ISO re-certification may be carried out on empty units. Whatever the required service, send us your enquire and we'll quote you accordingly and promptly.

  • secure trailer parking & driver accommodation
    If your driver needs to make an overnight stay, or your trailer has a few days to go before the return sea journey, our depot offers closed parking and temporary lodging facilities including shower and rest area.

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K Shipping Agency Ltd provides other services that ship owners, freight forwarders, and third party logistics operators may require.  We understand your need for security and the kind of support you need to have from a reliable foreign service provider, so we are here to help.

Contact us today to discuss your AGENCY requirements.

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